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Withdrawal and Refund Policies

If you’ve registered for a course and an urgent situation arises which precludes your participation, contact us as soon as possible.
It is our policy to refund the registration fee minus a $75 administration fee and any third party (e.g., PayPal) payment processing fees if the withdrawal notification is received before the registration deadline date.

If the withdrawal notification is received after the registration deadline date, the refund is calculated by subtracting from the registration paid a $75 administration fee, any third party payment processing fee (e.g., PayPal), and a prorated amount of the balance reflecting the number of remaining weeks in the class, plus one.  The "plus one" is for the period between the registration deadline and Class 1 which includes start-up activities.

If classes have begun, we offer training credits for the refund amount, rather than a reimbursement, at our discretion.

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Ask me any question about the training or about coaching and organizing! I've opened up several 15-minute appointment times you can schedule yourself into.

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