Denslow and Cam met in an 18-month ADD Coach training program (developed by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, MCC) where they were first students, then graduates and lab trainers.  They each also have extensive other coach training, including ADHD and 'classic' coach training.  Denslow invited Cam to develop an ADD and coaching skills course for organizers in 2005. 

That first three-part course blossomed into the Coach Approach for Organizers™ foundation program in 2008.  Denslow and Cam continue to develop the curriculum collaboratively and partnered extensively with students in find-tuning each course.  2014 brought other trainers into the course development process as the program grows to include four certification tracks, one at an ACC-equivalent level and three at a PCC level.

Denslow Brown, CPO, CPO-CD, MCC

Cameron Gott, PCC, BCC

Andrea Sharb, COC, ACC, CPO-CD

Ari Tuckman, PsyD

Julie Gray, COC, ACC

Casey Moore, PCOC, ACC

Ellen Faye, COC, CPO

Susan Lieber, CPO, COC, ACC

Kathie England, PCOC, CPO

Caroline Totah, RN, ACC, COC, CPO, CPO-CD

Denslow Brown

Denslow Brown, The Organizer and Coach

Denslow Brown, CPO, CPO-CD, MCC is the founder and director of training of the Coach Approach for Organizers™ program, as well as a senior trainer. Her background, experience, and training have uniquely qualified her to launch this pioneering enterprise. Widely quoted and consulted, she is a leader in the organizing, ADD and coaching fields. Her full bio and list of professional credentials are listed at  Denslow:

  • Has been an organizer since 1974 and has volunteered extensively to support the industry.
  • Was the first and perhaps is still the only person to have achieved the highest (Master) levels of certification in the coaching, ADD coaching and organizing fields. She has received President’s and Founders’ Awards from NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) and the Judith Kolberg Award from ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization)
  • Presents regularly at international conferences, in teleclasses and to chapters on ADHD, ADD coaching, coaching, ethics, etc.  (NAPO, ICD, Japanese Association of Life Organizers). 
  • Is a mentor coach to organizers and coaches who are building or transforming their businesses, as well as a coach to adults with ADHD.
  • Is committed to her own on-going training.. She has been trained by Laura Berman Fortgang, MCC (Life BluePrint®), Steven Filante, PCC of CTI, Wilma Feldman (Career Coaching for ADD-LD Adults), Barbara Luther, MCC (Coach Business Planning), Paulette Rao, MCC (Results Coaching System) and Marion Franklin, MCC and many others.

Cameron Gott

Cameron Gott, PCCCameron Gott, PCC, BCC is the co-developer and senior trainer of the Coach Approach for Organizers™ program. He is the chief architect of several of the models we use throughout the curriculum The AEC (Awareness-Engagement-Completion) Model, and the TOSCA and ABROS coaching process models.

An ADD coach, Cam works with professionals who want to match action with intention and take their game to the next level. Besides coaching adults with ADD, Cam mentors ADD coaches-in-training and writes about a variety of ADD work topics at his Global Creative blog.

With a background in education, Cam took his first coaching training in 1998 and subsequently received training and certification through the demanding program at The Coaches Training Institute™.

Cam is the senior trainer of our intro course, Coaching Essentials, and co-trainer with Denslow of two other foundation courses, Life & ADHD Coaching and Organizer Coach Integration. He is the trainer for the graduate-level and advanced mentor coaching courses, as well as the senior trainer for these advanced courses: Coaching the ADHD Client (from Awareness to Completion, and Leadership Coaching I and II.


Andrea Sharb

Andrea Sharb, CPO, COCAndrea Sharb, ACC, CPO-CD®, COC®, a charter graduate of Coach Approach for Organizers™ Foundation Program. She was credentialed by the Institute for Applied Coaching™ as a Certified Organizer Coach® in December of 2009.  She earned the designation of Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD) from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization in September 2011. In 2012, she earned the International Coach Federation’s certification of Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Andrea is committed to on-going training and has completed 50 hours of continuing coach education with Doug Silsbee, PCC (author of Presence-Based Coaching), in addition to her Coach Approach and ICD Training.

Andrea’s business, S.O.S. ~ Sharb Organizing Solutions, LLC, specializes helping individuals overcome their overwhelm.  Her most rewarding work is with clients who are chronically disorganized, especially adults with ADHD.

Andrea’s previous work as a corporate trainer, her positive experiences as an organizer coach, and her belief in the power of integrating organizing and coaching make her a strong addition to the Coach Approach training team. Andrea is an active member of the International Coach Federation, ICD, NAPO and CHADD, past president of the NAPO-Ohio Chapter, and the former treasurer of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

She served as the assistant trainer for our thrice-yearly introductory Coaching Essentials course from 2011 to 2016!  Andrea is one of the trainers for the Client Enrollment: Best Practices course, which is open to graduates and advanced foundation students.


Ari Tuckman

Yvonne Trostli, COCAri Tuckman, PsyD, MBA is a widely appreciated ADHD educator of both professionals and individuals and families with ADHD. He is the author of Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD: A Practical, Easy-to-Use Guide for Clinicians as well as More Attention, Less Deficit: Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD. He practices in West Chester, PA. 

He supports Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD) as a National Conference Proposal Evaluator and is a former Vice-President of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA).

Ari is the co-trainer of the advanced Coach Approach course: ADHD Education: Knowledge is Power.


Julie Gray

Julie Gray, ACC, COCJulie Gray, ACC, COC is a Holistic Time Coach and author of the True For You Time Management Workbook.  Julie guides overworked and overwhelmed individuals through a powerful process of discovering their own true time management system that results in more energy, focus and productivity.

Julie’s specialty is working with individuals who have tried many different systems that never fully fit their life. Using body-based mindfulness, neuroscience, and behavioral research, Julie provides a deeper layer of support to uncover what her clients need in order for their systems to stick.

A 2012 graduate of the Coach Approach for Organizers™ program and certified through the International Coach Federation and the Institute for Applied Coaching, Julie has continued her coach and productivity training through ADHD and mindfulness-based programs. 

Julie is the co-trainer of two of our advanced courses, Holistic Time Coaching and Body-Based Coaching.


Casey Moore

Casey Moore, CPO, COCCasey Moore, CPO®, PCOC founded her company, Living Simply Consulting, Inc., in January 2000.  In 2007, as part of the inaugural group, she received the Certified Professional Organizer® designation from the  Board of Certified Professional Organizers.  She was a member of the second Coach Approach for Organizers™ Foundation Program class and became credentialed by the Institute for Applied Coaching™ as a Certified Organizer Coach® in 2011. She has continued to sharpen her coaching skills through courses and mentoring and by logging over 400 paid client coaching hours since 2009.

Casey empowers busy professionals to regain control of their work and lives through coaching, workshops, and her book, Stop Organizing, Start Producing.  A thought-leader in the productivity industry, she holds certificates in Chronic Disorganization and Attention Deficit Disorder from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) and is an active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and its Richmond chapter. 

A professional speaker and trainer for over twenty-five years, Casey is a member of the National Speakers Association.  In 2013, she teamed with Cameron Gott, PCC, to present sessions on Curious Accountability™ at the International Coach Federation DC-Metro Chapter’s conference, NAPO’s national conference, and ICD’s teleclass series. They also contributed a chapter on that topic to ICD’s new book, The ICD Guide to Collaborating with Professional Organizers.

Casey’s training experience, wholistic approach to productivity, focus on practical applications of ideas, and deep passion for encouraging others’ growth make her a great fit for Coach Approach’s training team. Casey is the associate trainer of our advanced course, Productivity Coaching: Fostering Awareness, Perspective and Action.  She is also an assistant trainer for two of our foundation courses: Coaching Essentials and Strengths-Based Coaching.


Ellen Faye

Ellen Faye, CPO, COCEllen Faye, CPO®, COC®, was credentialed by the Institute for Applied Coaching™ as a Certified Organizer Coach® in June of 2011.  Her study of leadership began as a teenager and continued into the private sector, and on to the non-profit world. Her 12 years of corporate leadership positions coupled with 25 collective years on non-profit boards makes her the ideal instructor to lead Coach Approach Coaches through our dynamic Leadership Coach curriculum.

In her business, Ellen Faye Organization, she works with individuals and teams to improve their productivity and effectiveness. She is an office organization specialist and supports her clients in the areas of time, task and space management, optimizing technology, and creating environments to support their personal and professional goals.  She is based out of Cherry Hill New Jersey, a Philadelphia suburb. 

Ellen has served on NAPO's Board of Directors since 2012 and is currently NAPO’s President. She has chaired two NAPO National conferences, holds two ICD certificates of study, and is a member of the 2007 Inaugural Class of Certified Professional Organizers.  Her passion for great leadership and effective coaching will ensure that your Coach training is applicable, effective and inspiring.


Susan J. Lieber

Susan Lieber, MS, CPO, COC, ACCSusan J. Lieber, MS, CPO®, COC®, ACC understands the challenge of living with ADD/ADHD from her experience with family members and working with her clients. Her interest in brain-based conditions began as an occupational therapist and became dedicated to ADD/ADHD in the mid-90s. She left the clinic and started Leave it to Lieber in 2003. As a Certified Organizer Coach and Professional Organizer, Susan helps her clients tackle the physical and mental clutter that interferes with leading a creative and satisfying life.

Susan is a Certified Professional Organizer, Certified Organizer Coach and Associate Certified Coach.

Throughout her entire professional life, Susan has been committed to minimizing daily stress (physically, cognitively, and emotionally) for her clients. Her greatest joy comes from hearing her clients realize that managing life while living with ADD/ADHD isn’t a matter of working harder or fixing it but rather gaining awareness, understanding and finessing their strengths to lead a meaningful and rewarding life. She regularly attends ADHD and coaching conferences to further develop her knowledge and skills to best serve her clients.

In addition to working with her young-adult and adult clients, Susan volunteers her time as a Parent 2 Parent Trainer for CHADD (Children and Adults with ADD/ADHD).CHADD is national organization that provides resources to support research and educational information for individuals and families living with ADD/ADHD learn to navigate the challenges across throughout life. The P2P educational program helps parents to better understand their child’s condition, reevaluate their expectations of the child, and learn parenting techniques and strategies for working with the school system.

Susan works with us as an assistant trainer for three Coach Approach foundation courses: Coaching Essentials, Strengths-Based Coaching and Brain-Based Coaching.


Kathie England

Kathie EnglandKathie England, PCOC, CPO is a Professional Certified Organizer Coach® and a Certified Professional Organizer® who specializes in helping adults with ADHD learn to thrive rather than just survive.

Kathie is the president of Time for Success, Inc. launched in July 2002. Her career has included teaching elementary school, obtaining a master's degree in communication disorders to become a speech/language pathologist, and a variety of experiences in healthcare.

Her role as an organizer coach and professional organizer combines all these facets of her background.

Kathie was among the first six organizers to earn the credential of Certified Organizer Coach®, COC®, from The Institute for Applied Coaching in 2009. In 2014 she earned the PCOC® credential.

Kathie is a member of NAPO Oregon where she was the Director of Professional Development for five years; the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) where she has taught teleclasses about taking small steps to challenge disorganization and is a contributor to the ICD Guide to Collaborating with Professional Organizers; Portlandia where she was the Co-Director of the Better Together Mentor Program for 8 years, secretary of the Board for three years, and has been on the Program Team for the past four years. She is an active volunteer with Dress for Success Oregon. She is also a member of CHADD.

Kathie facilitates virtual workshops titled Small Steps to Profound Change, It’s Habit-Forming, and Power-up Your Willpower. She also hosts a series of free monthly titled Making Time for Success.

She is the assistant trainer of the advanced Coach Approach course, Coaching the ADHD Client from Awareness to Action.


Caroline Totah

Caroline Totah, RN, ACC, COC, CPO, CPO-CDCaroline Totah, RN, ACC, COC®, CPO®, CPO-CD®, often jokes that she was her own first client, since it was a result of overcoming her own challenges with organization and productivity that led her to want to help others do the same. After starting her practice as a professional organizer in 2006, she pursued a rigorous path of professional development, earning both her Certified Professional Organizer® and Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization® in 2009, and becoming a Certified Organizer Coach® in 2014.

As a registered nurse and with a background in education, Caroline specializes in organizing and productivity coaching for adults with learning differences and brain-based challenges. Her clients include professionals struggling with job performance, solopreneurs struggling with work/life balance and residential clients struggling with clutter. She has worked with non-profit agencies to develop and provide accommodations for employees with ADHD, has facilitated support groups for both clutter and procrastination, and has given numerous presentations on chronic disorganization, to both the general public and colleagues.

In addition to advanced courses related to organizing and coaching, Caroline's continuing education includes classes on various mental health and wellness topics, including ADHD, mood disorders, positive psychology, and resiliency. She belongs to NAPO, ICD, CHADD, ADDA, ACO and ICF, and attends multiple conferences and educational offerings each year.



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